Pro-Inline Productions
Action Sports Video Production

Veteran Action Sports Video Producer Launches a New Social
Media Marketing Company - PRO-Mobile Productions

After 21 years as the premiere video production company behind such high profile events as
NBC Sports Gravity Games, ESPN's X-Games, and ESPN2 - The Ultimate Inline Challenge,
Pro-Inline Productions' founder has launched a brand new Social Media and Video Production subsidiary,
PRO-Mobile Productions. As producer or co-producer, Bob Gollwitzer has produced over sixty hours
of programming for broadcast television, cable, DVD-USB, and now the Internet.

Bob has won numerous awards beginning in 1976 as a member of the USC Student Feature Film
"Fraternity Row" (Scott Newman) which won the L.A. Film Critics Award. From there Bob worked as
associate producer on "Gunshot", a PBS Documentary that won The National Academy of Television,
Arts, and Sciences Emmy award. The following year Bob was lead producer at USC Broadcast Journalism's
School and produced the award-winning promotional reel at the Fullerton Film Festival.

Bob's career has spanned nearly 35 years in the media: 10 years in Hollywood, 2 years in NYC, and 20 years
in Philadelphia. Pro-Inline Productions was incorporated in 1988 as one of the first Action Sports
Video Production companies nationwide. In 1996, Pro-Inline Productions co-produced a show for the
NBC Philadelphia Affiliate Station KYW-10's "The Bulletin" with Larry Kane and won the Mid-Atlantic
Regional Emmy. Bob founded the City Skate in 1992 in the City of Brotherly Love and produced over 100
events nationwide for action sports and inline racing.

Now comes PRO-Mobile Productions...

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The Reason Behind our Launching a Social Media Marketing Company

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